Service for offline part-time work With Gig Create

Service for offline part-time work With Gig Create

Service for offline part-time work With Gig Create

This service searches for seller vacancies according to your location. Rest assured that the money will pay you. At the same time, you can independently regulate the day and time when it is convenient for you to work. Your mobile phone will receive notifications about vacancies that are available in institutions closest to your place of residence. This platform is convenient for those who are looking for a temporary part-time job, for example, students, people on vacation, or temporarily unemployed. Before starting work, you conclude an agreement with the employer, which guarantees you wages. The site is designed in such detail that a robot will communicate with you.

For example, after you have chosen a certain vacancy, the robot will call you and ask if you are taking a part-time job. He will do the same 2 hours before you leave for work. Geolocation is tracked in the app, so your exit to work is immediately recorded. And if for some reason you did not reach the appointed place, you will be quickly replaced by another person. Also, a rating system operates within the framework of the project. They will be able to write reviews about you – based on this, a rating is compiled. Arriving at work, be sure that you will not be detained longer than it was agreed in advance. But this is provided that you have completed the required list of tasks.

Those who like the service very much are offered the opportunity to become full-time employees. Within its framework, you will be able to participate in the development of this service and become not just a performer, but a manager and even ahead of a department. The salary depends on your position and hard work. Here you can really earn more than 80 thousand rubles a month. The contractor can choose what is most comfortable for him: stand at the checkout counter or pack products on the shelves. Despite the fact that this is a temporary part-time job, you are officially hired, which by itself guarantees payments.

The convenience of this service is that you do not need to go to dozens of interviews and hope that they will call you. It is enough just to find a suitable vacancy, accept it and go to work. To some extent, part-time work for Gigant is similar to working as a taxi driver in aggregators, but according to a more simplified scheme: there is no need to drive around the city and undergo technical checks.

How to get started with Gig work

Reviews of a part-time job at Gig work state that the job search system is primitive and very simple: Potential employees indicate in the mobile application the address of residence, a convenient working time for them. Next is an introduction to theory and practice. Employers fill out a questionnaire in which they indicate the number of workers they need, for how long, and at what time they need them. The application automatically compares this data, then assigns outputs, calculates and makes payments, and also monitors employees and their ratings. A temporary employee accepts an invitation to work, leaves at the specified time to perform the necessary work, for which he is paid every week.

An employee’s exit to work is controlled not only by the application itself but also by the employee interaction department. If for some reason a person accepted the offer but did not go to work, they are immediately looking for a replacement. But according to statistics, 99% of employees come at the specified time and place. This is the most convenient for those who combine work with study or have several jobs at once. How Much Money Can You Make Working Gigant Here you can predict the total income because the rate for a part-time job is fixed: 170 rubles. per hour or 850 rubles. per shift. If we assume that an employee will work 5 hours every evening, excluding weekends, then he will have about 17,000 rubles a month.

But if you are hardworking and it is also acceptable for you to work on weekends, then add another 7 thousand to these 17 thousand. Do not think that this is a scam, because the cash payments are fixed. There are also no penalties or hidden deductions. But also the total amount of earnings depends on how much time you are willing to spend on this work in principle.

Gig work part-time job reviews – is it worth the job? Reviews of Gigant are controversial. In general, they are positive, the average rating on reviewers is 4.8 out of 5. But there are also negative aspects. Some people report that they are given uniforms that have already been used by other employees. Also, some said that only after payment they found out that the lunch hour was automatically deducted from the total amount, which in fact did not exist. There are also reviews that training is not entirely correct and the nuances of part-time work are not explained to employees. Subsequently, this negatively affects the workflow. It is noted that there is no cohesion in individual stores and everyone is for himself.

Nevertheless, if you put aside some individual disadvantages that are not found everywhere, then this place for a side job is very decent and payments are guaranteed. Sometimes there are not very friendly and decent people, but fortunately or unfortunately, this is only temporary work. Conclusion Without a twinge of conscience, we can say that this project belongs to the top best works without experience with good pay. Of course, there are pitfalls, because everywhere there are different bosses and politicians. But in general, the application inspires confidence, and employees will not be left without a salary.


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