Open a tea shop | An enjoyable way to become self-employed

When it comes to the popularity of beverages in Germany, tea still has to rank behind coffee, but it can also be said that the demand has risen significantly again in recent years. In addition to the long-established tea drinkers, more and more young people are discovering the fascinating world of teas. Whether classics like black tea or trend products like green matcha tea – there is great enthusiasm for the infusion drink. So why not use the euphoria and open your own tea shop? Customers should not only find a large selection here, but also an owner who really knows about tea and can give good advice. The following article reveals what else you have to consider if you want to open a tea shop.

Commercial experience is required

There is no training or study to become a tea seller in Germany. Most people who open a tea shop are typical career changers who bring an extra helping of love for tea. So that you are best prepared for your self-employment as a tea trader, it is of course advisable not to jump into the deep end, but to bring professional expertise with you.

An apprenticeship in the commercial area is ideal as a basis for your own tea shop. Those who have already sold products will find it much easier to be successful in this business too.

Become a tea specialist!

Furthermore, it is an enormous advantage to build up a comprehensive knowledge about tea. This can be done in different ways, for example by:

  • comprehensive internet and specialist book research
  • Travel to the great tea-growing regions of the world and exchange ideas with the local tea farmers
  • Attendance of continuing education and seminars
  • learning by doing or tasting
  • Define and analyze target group

As already described at the beginning, tea is currently enjoying great popularity. This is a huge advantage for you because it means that you are addressing a large target group with your business idea. No matter whether young or old – tea is enjoyed by almost all age groups and (very important!) Also given away as a gift.

Despite the large number of people you will reach, it is important that you define a target group in advance of the store opening. Only then can you analyze exactly what the demands, wishes and special features of the people who should buy your tea are.

Keep a close eye on the competition

There are several factors to consider when it comes to determining a good location for a tea shop. Of course, it’s important to find a store where as many people as possible will pass by, but you also have to keep in mind that the nearest tea shop should be as far away as possible.’

If the density of tea shops is too high, it can quickly damage your business. Especially when the competitor has already established itself on the market and has built up a solid customer base, you will have trouble fighting against it.

You should therefore choose a location that is as far away from the competition as possible. In larger cities in particular, it is absolutely no problem if there are several specialist tea shops.

By the way : other tea shops do not necessarily have to be viewed as enemies. For example, if you have a different assortment, it makes perfect sense to refer customers who couldn’t find what they were looking for in store A to store B. This creates an exchange that ultimately benefits everyone involved.

The teas – the heart of your shop

Once suitable premises have been found in which you can open the tea shop, the next step is to think about the range of products. Sure, in a tea shop you should offer tea above all else – preferably a wide variety of varieties and flavors. After all, great diversity appeals to a large group of customers.

When choosing teas, however, you should not only keep an eye on the taste. It is important that the different varieties are also convincing in terms of quality, come from organic farming if possible and, ideally, are also fairly traded. These criteria ensure that the teas are more expensive to buy, but you will quickly notice that this investment is worthwhile.
Especially the young buyers (this is the most important target group of your shop, as they will still come to you in decades) attaches great importance to the fact that the teas are organic and do not come from plantations where the Farmers were exploited (keyword: fair trade).

Tip : If you really want to tell your customers authentically where your tea comes from, travel directly to the Asian growing regions in advance. Contracts can also be negotiated with the providers on site, so that various middlemen who drive up prices are no longer necessary.

Create an additional offer

Even if the tea will be the centerpiece of your shop, there is nothing wrong with adding a few selected products to the range. Whether chocolate, fine spirits or wines – everything that can be summarized under the generic term enjoyment is just right in your tea shop.

In order to increase your sales even more, it is always a good idea to offer customers ready-made gift baskets. Teas are extremely popular as gifts – so why not make the decision for the buyer and put together some great products for him in advance? Rounded off with delicious chocolate and a good wine, the ideal gift for all connoisseurs is created in no time at all. Offering gift baskets not only saves the customer time, it also saves a lot of nerves.


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