Mystery shopping – earnings reviews and nuances

Mystery shopping - earnings reviews and nuances

Mystery shopping – earnings reviews and nuances

Today, more than ever, there are many professions. Some of them are especially interesting. And it’s not even about online employment (after all, now this area is developing by leaps and bounds) like a web designer, copywriter, or working as an operator in a call center. There are other jobs that are not customary to talk about, such as office workers, accountants, teachers, and so on. But they are no less interesting. Jobs that do not prioritize narrow-profile skills and education are especially attracting attention.

They help to combine work with study or several part-time jobs at once and at the same time carry out socially useful work. This article will focus on making money as a mystery shopper. Consider what is remarkable about such a specialty and who can apply for this vacancy. A mystery shopper is an undercover visitor to a public institution. The services of such a buyer are used by the heads of these organizations themselves. Their motive is to test the aptitude of the company’s employees. For a pre-agreed payment, buyers come to the company under the guise of an ordinary client and arrange a test drive for the employees.

After purchasing a product or receiving a service, the employer is provided with a detailed report and a questionnaire. Let’s get acquainted with the procedure from preparation to receiving money: 1. If the buyer meets the conditions of the study, he studies the requirements and works out the legend of his visit several times. 2. A potential employee takes an online test for knowledge of the details of the instructions. 3. This is followed by a short telephone interview, following which it becomes clear for sure whether the mystery shopper is ready for a visit. 4. The employee records the visit on a dictaphone, photographs the area, be sure to keep receipts, and very carefully fills in the details of his visit. 5. Within 12 hours, the employee must provide a completed application form. 6. After checking the questionnaire, the employee is charged. If the buyer did not indicate something in the questionnaire, they call him back and clarify the details. However, if the scenario of the visit is violated, then the questionnaires will not be accepted.

Of great importance is what kind of check it is with the buyer. If this is his first visit in this format, he is given a second chance for correction. If he already had experience working with this or other firms, cooperation with him is terminated. The nuance of this specialty is that the person does not declassify the purpose of the visit until the end of the mission. After all, if the secret buyer is declassified, then this check will not be legitimate. Often the duties of such a specialist include assessing specific aspects of the service, for example, the stress resistance of an employee of an enterprise. For an indicative test, a mystery shopper creates an impromptu situation and analyzes how employees will react. Very often, the size of the employee’s salary depends on such checks, sometimes they become a test for professional aptitude.

The work of a mystery shopper appeared relatively long ago, but in Russia, it is just beginning to gain popularity. The nuances of work are hidden in the fact that only a few knew about such employment and it was relatively difficult to get into this business. However, the wages were very decent. But today this position is a tidbit for many. Due to high competition, working conditions have deteriorated somewhat, which negatively affected wages. Before taking any orders into circulation, please pay attention to the following points: ยท Calculate the cost of an hour of work, taking into account the route and writing a report. After all, initially, the customer may say that the order will not take more than half an hour for 500 rubles. payment, and as a result, it turns out that for 500 rubles you worked 10 hours.

How to start making money as a mystery shopper

Finding a job as a mystery shopper is easy. You can find remote work at home – via the Internet. It is enough to visit the sites with vacancies. Often, students take the place of mystery shoppers. But the agencies consider candidates from 18 to 60 years old. On sites with vacancies, such ads are displayed either by agencies or specific organizations, in particular: shops, auto centers, hairdressers, tanning salons. It is more profitable to cooperate directly with companies, however, such cooperation is short-lived. If a public organization is small and has very few branches, then the same buyer will be immediately declassified – he needs to be replaced. You will not face such a problem if you contact the agency. Such organizations send the same people to different places and they simultaneously check several clients at once. Therefore, in this situation, there is more work.

However, agencies also have drawbacks: more bureaucracy, wages can take several months, and their size depends on many external factors that you cannot influence. Special attention should be paid to the 4Service Group website. This platform helps shoppers make more money by finding clients and providing various behavioral advice tips. Here you can find not only this vacancy but also deepen your knowledge.


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