How to earn money with Telegram?

Making money without leaving home, everyone dreams of a life like this now. The internet also opens new horizons on this topic. In addition to online money or job sites, there are apps that can help. Telegram, one of the most popular messaging programs nowadays is one of them.

Make money with Telegram: which option to choose?

Telegram might not be as popular as WhatsApp when it comes to ways to make money online. However, by creating a sales network or advertising channel, you will be able to generate revenue. Instead, chat with a bot or post links.

Set your own broadcast channel

To make money with Telegram, create your own advertising service channel. Basically, this is the marketing content that the companies ask you to provide. So you will advertise either beginners or well-known brands. It could be a consumer, a tool, a combination of a luxury item, a service, or the like. Accordingly, you will be paid for any advertisement, posting or retransmission of the content.

Thus you have to collect a large number of subscribers. In fact, your new Telegram channel will be a vehicle for presenting content. Whether it’s a simple message, a photo or a video, your followers will see it in the latest news.


How do you make it?


Download the Telegram app on your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS). There is a PC version, you can also use it

Go to “Options”
Click “New channel”

Record basic information about your channel. Here you will add the channel name, description and profile picture.
You need to prepare the profile and profile picture before the creation step. Remember to set the status to “General.” So everyone will be able to see, interact with and share your content. You will gain more subscribers with every post. In the settings, you can enable or disable channel publishing.

If you want to make it your main activity, you will have to bundle up and convince and entice people. Many people earn their livelihood in this way, precisely because they have developed a large network. Whenever they post something, the audience is always important. Which one pays.

Sign membership contract and use shortened links

As with all online platforms, such as Amazon or eBay, you can also enter into a partnership agreement on Telegram. It is even the best way to make money.

This will place these links in your content. This is for every approved purchase. Additionally, the amount may vary depending on the organization and the type of product sold. So you can earn a few hundred Euros a month, and a few thousand months later. It depends on your participation and the purchases made.

Telegram member marketing still lets you see shortcuts. After that you will have shortened links, not accompanying links. But operation and use remain the same. When a customer clicks on these links, you get between $ 0.1 or $ 5. Here, it’s not the valid purchases that matter, but the clicks. Which can also pay off.


Some partnership agreements concluded

It is possible to enter into partnership agreements in Telegram. If you are familiar with Telegram, you can influence sales by showing you some ads. It’s even a really touching job. You are paid to increase your partners’ reputation. You will do everything in your power to entice subscribers to buy.

Your employees are your customers. Under your contract, you will be paid:

  • Per post,
  • As for the number of reactions,
  • As for the number of mailboxes sent,
  • For every sale made thanks to your ad,
  • For each ad,


Ask about subscription fees

At first, Telegram should only be used for chats. But like all social networks, it allows you to share content. It’s completely free, so you don’t need a big investment. You will not pay anything other than your online subscription. Still, you can request a subscription fee. Legally and the app allows it.

In fact, you might even get paid to open your content. Subscribers must pay before they can access everything you broadcast. You can also restrict access to only a portion of your posts. You only need to configure your channel and add private access.

The best part is that your paying subscribers earn you many times over. First, because they have to pay before reading the content. Since they are necessarily interested (otherwise they would not have paid), they will definitely buy the products. If there are no products to sell, you can still expect earnings from the shortened links.

So it is a real business that you do by creating a channel on Telegram. If that doesn’t work, consider creating an offer. Again, you can work with partners. You will be responsible for placing their products or services on a regular offer, or at least your subscribers. Thus, your account will be a promotional tool for a specific company. It will be the channel through which your network marketing will take place.


Create a robot in Telegram

Realms bots or Telegram help make money. You can organize paid activities by creating robots. Paid subscriptions, sales, ads … anything can work. This is also how remote commands are currently executed, by robots.

Many companies are integrating robots into their online social networking accounts. This generates big profits as it saves money and time and avoids lengthy arrangements. It also facilitates the management of your channel, interaction and communication in general.

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