Article written by Maddy, reader of the HappyAmy blog. I’ve been talking to her about hair loss over the last year, so I asked her to share her experience with my readers, because I know a lot of people face this problem. It is among the people who have managed to find a remedy against hair loss, this being possible with the help of a dermatologist. I invite you to read the article if you are interested in finding out her story.🙂

Through the internet, I have “known” Amalia for more than a year and I corresponded on a common topic, hair loss. She asked me to write an article on her blog about my experience with hair (or, rather, about how it left my scalp and what I did about it) so I hope to be of use to you with this information.


First of all, it is normal to lose a certain number of hairs every day. There are periods during a year in which the hair falls out more (spring, autumn). Hair can fall out after intense periods of stress, illness, fatigue, etc. Hair generally falls out after a birth, after you have enjoyed a glorious hair adornment during pregnancy.

If, however, months pass, a year passes, your hair still falls out, don’t do like me and don’t waste time and money trying all kinds of pills at random, all kinds of dermato-cosmetics, all kinds of tinctures and natural preparations, but go to a dermatologist. Hair loss can have a number of causes and only a doctor can determine the real cause and give you proper treatment. As a practical tip, find a dermatologist who works with the Insurance House, so as an insured, you do not pay for the consultation if you go with a referral from your family doctor and health card. It will cost a lot of treatment!

After more than a year of fooling myself with all sorts of remedies, despair had reached its peak, at one point I even made myself a hair mask from egg and olive oil that flowed slowly on my * I estimate that I was left with half my hair, but the good part was that I didn’t have bald areas, where my hair was completely missing. I was ashamed of my sparse, thin hair, I only wore it tied in an anemic ponytail.

When I arrived at the dermatologist, at the end of 2017, he told me that the treatment would be lasting (over a year) and since then I stick to it: 2% Alopexy solution, Novophane pills, special shampoo, if necessary I apply other solutions on the scalp for a month, visits once every 2-3 months.

I followed the treatment exactly and I did not aggress the hair with the straightener or the curler. I never tie my hair very tightly in a ponytail. I always use conditioner after shampooing so I can handle wet hair more easily. I no longer use hair mousse or hairspray to not overload it (in addition to the scalp solution), but I use hair oil for tips. The dye I use has no ammonia and I don’t bleach my hair. I don’t even dry my hair with a brush so I don’t pull on my hair. As a summary, I made my life as easy as possible.

The improvements are visible, the hair looks good, falls within normal limits, I dye it once every 3 months, but the treatment continues. For those who face this problem, my only advice is to go to a dermatologist. Don’t waste time, hair and money waiting to pass by yourself or with a “miracle” product!

* I do not disregard natural remedies but I do not prefer them either.

Thanks again, Maddy, for this article, and I hope to hear from you again!

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