Food recommendations when eating in the city

The diet in diabetes is different depending on each individual and the goals they need to achieve.
Some people need to consume fewer calories, while others need to limit the amount of foods high in saturated fat and salt and others need to eat more fiber. The diabetologist is the one who will help you find the diet that suits you perfectly.

But it is not always easy to follow the diet, especially when you go out with friends or do not have enough time to cook at home. For such situations, we have prepared in the following some food recommendations for going out in the city.

If you have decided on the preparation you want to order:

– Ask the restaurant staff what the weight is and what the preparation contains if you are not sure about the ingredients;

– Do not consume larger portions than usual;

Famous Xi’an Foods – This place makes noodles like nobody’s business. There are a lot of them all over the city. This is a popular food in my diet lately. I can’t get enough of this pasta. The spicy noodles with hot oil is quite addicting, and the lamb and pork “burger” is legitimate. I’m also a fan of Cumin Lamb noodles!
Souvlaki GR – the ladder of my favorite place to get Greek in town. The chicken souvlaki is amazing, the lamb chops are ridiculously good, and the pita and tzatziki are unreal. Getting the meal out can sometimes be difficult, which is why I often take it out.
Crif Dog – Sure, you can get a dirty water dog from one of these street vendors for a very high price … or you can get one of these handcrafted Crif Dog beauties. I’m a fan of the Chihuahua (hot dog wrapped in bacon with avocado and cream) and the tsunami dog (hot dog wrapped in bacon with pineapple, green onions, and teriyaki sauce).
Clinton Street Baking Company – There’s always a wait at this restaurant on the Lower East Side. With just a few places and treasures for hungry and local tourists, this place serves up the best pies I have had in my entire life. I know what you’re thinking … they’re just pies. How good could they be? The answer is … they are very good.
Donut Planet – You didn’t taste the perfection of a donut until I tried a donut from this place. With two locations (Lower East Side and Chelsea), there’s no excuse not to go. Try PB + J, Tres Leches, or Creme Brulee. Or damn it … they’re all awesome. There are no preservatives in these bad guys, so it’s best to take them straight away.
Dough – I have to admit … the dough was not originally on this list. Then my blogger friend Pamela from Brooklyn Farm Girl reminded me that Dough should be on the list. And he is right. The place knows cakes. It’s big, plump and I still don’t have a scent that I didn’t like. Locations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, I still love Donut Blunt.
Vanessa Pies – Great place to fix pies with dumplings and sesame! Perfect cheap food!
– Ask the cook not to use excess oil, butter or salt;

– Order natural potatoes, without mayonnaise or other sauces;

– Order the dressing separately, so that you consume as little as possible;

– Requires that food not be fried in oil, but grilled, to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, fats and calories;

– Give up bread if it is not allowed in the diet;

– Fruit and vegetable salads can successfully replace a dessert or a high-calorie appetizer;

– Instead of french fries, order vegetables;

– Avoid consuming high-calorie alcoholic beverages, such as margarita, liqueur or soft drink mixes with tonic or strong gin.

The challenge called “fast food”

Even if you find it hard to believe, fast food can also mean healthy food, if you know exactly what to avoid. Keep in mind the following rules next time you go to fast food:

• a fast food menu can easily have 1,000 calories, and usually contains a lot of fat and carbohydrates, which leads to a sudden rise in blood sugar;

• consume healthy foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains for the rest of the day;

• chicken / fish meat is healthy only if it is cooked, steamed, grilled or baked; therefore avoid fried meat in large quantities of hot oil;

• avoid family pack, super-sized, XXL, deluxe menus; these mean larger portions of food, so more calories, fat, cholesterol and salt;

• consume at most 2 slices of pizza with a thin top and avoid toppings with a lot of cheese and sausages;

• fast food also refers to desserts, such as pancakes with chocolate cream, ice cream, sorbet, sherbet or cakes with creams rich in calories and sugar that cause a sudden rise in blood sugar; Instead, eat a low-fat yogurt with a few pieces of fresh fruit.

Therefore, the meal served in the city can also be healthy, as long as you make the right decisions.

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