Extra salary at home with our 5 ideas

Food, water, electricity, school fees for children and rent to pay, all of his daily expenses are quickly out of control these days. This is why it becomes necessary to search for extra pay at home, and a little more quickly to secure a living. Then comes the idea of ​​finding a real home salary that doesn’t take much time and doesn’t make you feel like you’re working. All this can be done online. In fact, with a few clicks, it is possible to get passive monthly income of up to 50 € minimum online. To help you with this topic, I’ll discover 5 simple ways to start making money from your home.

Extra salary at home with our 5 ideas

1. Moolineo, a profitable site thanks to its simple tasks


I offer a rewards site here that lets you sign up for free and start making money. The tasks shown are simple and can be accomplished from your living room. You can earn up to 50 € per month. To register, visit the official website.


To make money on Moolineo, you are offered several tasks:

Read emails: It will take no more than a minute to send an email. By consulting with them regularly, you will simply make money through various surveys and offers.
Enjoy paid purchases, in other words, you will be paid for your purchases.
Create free races for fun and more money; Registration is free to attend and win amazing surprises.
Test products and give your opinion about them; If you are curious, it is for you thanks to Moolineo’s various partners.
Sponsor: With 5 referrals, you can win up to 6 € and up to 12 € for 10 sponsorships; A competition is also organized for those with the most valuable godfathers and allows them to win up to 530 euros to participate, including 150 euros for the first.


2. Toluna, try out products and earn money

In the same way, I also introduce Toluna to you. The principle of this profitable website is based on influencing the big brands. So by just spending 10-20 minutes per survey, you’ll get points that can be purchased for cash, gift cards, or gift certificates. Not only does Toluna offer tons of surveys, but it also has an Android and iOS app. So you can call anywhere on the bus, taxi, and even from your bed. Thanks to this application, it is possible to earn up to 200 euros per month. On top of that, the site offers games and bonuses for the time you spend on it. Toluna offers you free and trial products. While points can be purchased for lottery tickets,


3. GreenPanthera,
Still on the same plan, GreenPanthera also allows you to earn money to serve as a paycheck supplement. In fact, right after registration, you will be offered 4 € for free. Then your respondent surveys, deals, and purchases can earn you more. GreenPanthera also offers you refunds and sponsorships. These will greatly increase your profits. We can easily reach € 30 and more enjoy purchases that will be partially compensated thanks to the site’s various partnerships with online stores. You are also offered promotional codes during polls to earn more. Not to mention, you can invite friends to participate in site surveys by simply sending your link to them so that they can register. You will then get 10% of the revenue from your referrals, or even more revenue for you.

4. Neobux, a PTC site or a paid-to-click site

Here I offer another way to make money from home just by clicking on the page. As its name suggests, a paid-to-click page is a site that gives you money for your ad link clicks. These are trusted sites that have been online for quite some time. So I suggest Neobux, which is an easy-to-use PTC site whose actions are fast thanks to its very intuitive interface. Here’s, in a few steps, what to do to get up to € 300 per month:


Subscribe for free to get daily clicks.

  • Accumulate clicks over the course of 30 days by spending a few minutes every day.
  • Once you reach € 0.80, buy the package with 3 referrals. In addition to the numbered clicks, this will allow you to earn your referral clicks.
  • Renew your referrals after 9 days etc.
  • Increase your referrals count over time.

Part 1 is based on this technique: References 1/3/50/100/200/400/800/1600. And if all of your referrals clicked daily, you would earn up to € 720 per month. Know that the more referrals you have on your loan, the greater your profits will be. Your earnings will rise dramatically and you will have a large passive income. Moreover, the site offers additional games and quests that allow you to earn more money.

5. Sports betting is a source of profit
Sports betting is just like any other way to get monthly profits in addition to your salary. Several sites specialize in this area and offer multiple bets in various sports disciplines. Some of them even offer full bets where you can play live. So, by watching match progress and stats in real time, you can bet on your favorite team.

These sports betting sites also offer amazing payouts like 100 € registration and first bet refundable. As a result, I present to you these few well-rated sites that have a signup bonus: Pmu, NetBet, Winamax, and Bwin. With a good investment, you will have a very positive return on your bets. This will be an important addition to the end of the month.

Thanks to all these recommendations, you will be able to claim a very substantial income from your home without the need to travel. In fact, these different methods allow you to earn up to a hundred euros a month, or even around a thousand euros. You can customize their use according to your free time and your expectations. Additionally, the list I have provided you is not exhaustive because there are other ways to earn money and earn additional income from home. In fact, in addition to the internet, you can also enjoy other very classic activities from your home, but that’s a completely different story.

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