Earn money quickly and easily? 20 legal and credible ideas

Everyone wants to get rich, but only those who dare to try new experiences and adventures succeed. In addition to that, there are currently various ways to make money in a fast and easy way. It all depends on your availability, perseverance, and financial goals. Are you looking for legal and credible ideas to make money? Here are 20 tips you can apply based on your areas of expertise and the amount you want to earn. If you want to get started very quickly, I recommend the top bonus sites like Moolinéo, Loonéa, Swagbucks and the paid study sites like YOUGOV, Ipsos-Isay or Toluna, you can subscribe to them all for free.

Also remember that you can register for free in banks online for free, and you can get money by registering if you live in France, earn at least the minimum wage you have a free bank card and earn according to offers between 50 and 80 euros sometimes more depending on The month is as with HelloBank and sponsor to earn more.

How to earn money quickly and easily?

Quickly earn money from sales

1- Sell things that you are no longer using

We all have things that we no longer use that clutter our homes. These could be clothes, old furniture, DVDs, video games, or even home appliances. Some even occupy large spaces in your home that you want to get rid of at any cost. So do not hesitate to sell them. It will be a good way to make money. The key is to find good buyers. To do this, join sites like le bon coins or online ebay. Next, visualize the items you will sell as you add value. Additionally, thousands of people visit these websites daily. This will allow you to sell your old items faster.


2- Selling household items

If you have a talent, imagination, or passion that you want to turn into a source of money, sell some household items. For example, you can make bracelets, bags, or make all kinds of sweets. Those with a passion for cooking will be able to sell cakes or pastries. You can also introduce it to your circle of friends and make deliveries yourself if you have the time.


3- Selling personal items

Personal things are becoming more and more popular these days. It is of interest to both professionals and individuals. To make money fast, we advise you to sell customizable items such as t-shirts, bracelets, mugs, and all kinds of accessories with which text or images can be printed. Selling personal items is a type of business that attracts a wide range of customers. You can start showing samples before reproducing multiple copies.

4- Selling third-party products

To help with this, you have to sell other people’s products. This is a type of activity called affiliation. There are sites that will give you permission to sell their products. And every time you sell, you will be able to earn an attractive commission according to the percentage agreed upon with the seller. To find sellers, sign up for affiliate platforms. You will be able to choose the products that you find most in demand by consumers.

5- Selling photos

The image has undergone major changes. If you have a good camera, we recommend that you sell photos of all kinds. It could be beautiful photos you took on your travels or original photos you took out of the blue. In some circumstances, you’ll be able to dress smartly and imitate a business manager or employee at work. Then sell the photos on sites like Fotolia. Not only will you be proud of sharing your pics but you will quickly earn money.

Easily earn money from the internet

6- Read emails

As simple as imaginable, it is possible to earn money by reading emails. It is important that you have some time to register on the websites and read the messages. Although this type of activity does not allow you to make a lot of money, it is a free way to earn money. So create an email address that you only use for the activity. Then register on sites like Moolineo, Mailorama or Ba-click.

7- Watch the video

If you have an internet connection at home and spend most of your time watching videos, turn that business over to make money. Thanks to sites like PubliciteMoi, you can earn around 0.24 € per video watch. The videos are usually advertisements. Moreover, you will not see any videos but it usually matches your profile. When you register, you will answer various questions. This will help the site decide which type of video is right for you.

8- Use paid internet surfing strips

Swatch is also a very simple way to make money. This time, you have almost nothing to do. Just install a small program that will scroll on small advertising banners. And so you will earn money. When the ads move across your screen, you will earn points, which are then converted into Euros. For example, use surfboards like Gold-Barre, PackBarre or AWBarre. We would like to point out that the amount is not significant. However, this makes it easier to earn money.

9- Try multi-pay sites

Are you one of those people who spend most of your time on the Internet? Better to try the higher paying sites. You can download apps, subscribe to websites, or even like Facebook pages. Among other things, we offer Click or GPT1. Since the amounts to be earned are not very large, around 10-20 EUR per month, we mainly recommend this activity for those who use the internet frequently but have other sources of income.

10- Responding to paid surveys

This time, we recommend you to take paid surveys. It consists of expressing your opinion on various topics in order to improve companies’ services. There are study sites like MySurvey, Ask GFK, Mon Opinion Compte, or Grennpanthera. Each study will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. In return, you will earn around 7 € for each test.

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