Doping penalties for 6 cricketers

Doping penalties for 6 cricketers

Doping penalties for 6 cricketers

The use of performance-enhancing drugs is widely discussed in sports. All the legendary cricketers have been seen taking drugs at different times. Several cricketers have been banned from failing doping tests. As a result, every cricketer faced a lot of criticism and lost all his fame and fans lost their faith in their favorite cricketer.

However, sometimes many cricketers fail a drug test after taking their medication for various reasons. Let’s get to know the six cricketers who are banned from doping.

6 – Tharanga (Sri Lanka)

Up Tharanga failed a drug test as the first Sri Lankan cricketer in cricket history. Uran Tharanga’s urine samples were taken for doping testing after the semi-final match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at the 2011 World Cup, which was tested in a WADA-accredited laboratory.

After the trial, it was determined that prednisone and prednisolone were included in two drugs that were prohibited from being used in any competition according to the WADA-approved list. However, it was later reported that Tharanka had consumed both of these drugs due to asthma. However, due to the failure of a drug test, the ICC banned Tharanga for three months for all cricket and all cricket-related activities.

5 – Stephen Fleming (New Zealand)

New Zealand’s top captain Stephen Fleming is also on this list. Many people might be surprised to see the name of this very calm and sweet cricketer. But it is true that Stephen Fleming has also been banned and fined after a positive drug test result.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not prohibited. He was originally banned from smoking with fellow cricketers Dion Nash and Matthew Hart in fifth. Although it is fun. Danny Morrison also took a break with him but he was not involved in smoking and he was the one who filed the charges against the three cricketers.

Stephen Fleming, Dion Nash, and Matthew Hart were fined $175 after proving they smoked. But Stephen later admitted he had to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and lost his care. He was even banned from the ongoing series against the West Indies.

4 – Shane Warren (Australia)

Shane Warren was one of the best bowlers in world cricket. He destroyed several batsmen in an unusual spin spell. But one of the greatest bowlers in world cricket history has not fallen off the doping list. There is evidence that Shane Warren took diuretics in a World Cup doping test known as the main weight loss drug.


After Shane Warren received evidence that he had used drugs, he was promptly sent back to the country for further investigation. Warren later apologized to the authorities, but the Cricket Board banned him for a year. Shane Warren has been an integral part of the team since his return to the national team after being suspended in 2007.

3 – Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)


Muhammad Asif was one of the best and fastest bowlers in Pakistan. The dull player quickly set his sights on extravagant bowling. But he was always on top of the title for various reasons.

In November 2006, another player, Shoaib Akhtar, was previously banned for failing a doping test. Banned for a year. The Indian Premier League drug court has banned the IPL for a year after failing to do drugs in the first round. Even Muhammad Asif was arrested at Dubai International Airport in 2008 on suspicion of having illegal drugs in his wallet.

2 – Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)
Shoaib Akhtar is one of the fastest cricketers in the history of world cricket. Before his pace, the batsmen of the world cricket team were also batsmen. However, a three-member drug court was set up in 2006 for the use of the anabolic steroid Nandrolone, which was banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board. And approved medicine Shoaib Akhtar. He was accompanied by another Pakistani football player, Muhammad Asif.

Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif were left out of the squad the day before their first match of the tournament, but both cricketers were in the Champions Cup squad. Not surprisingly, Muhammad Asif was banned for a year, but Shuaib Akhtar was banned for two years.


1 – Andre Russell (West Indies)

West Indies multiplayer Andre Russell is the most diligent batsman in current world cricket. The main task of any bowler, especially in the Twenty20 format, is to get the ball to the winning position in all circumstances. This Caribbean cricketer played an important role not only in batting but also in excellent bowling and pitches.


But Andre Russell was banned from cricket for a year by the Kingston Anti-Doping Committee for violating the terms. The ban lasted from January 2017 to January 31. He was unable to participate in the Twenty2017 IPL and PSL tournament due to the ban. Andre Russell is well back to the doping ban. This currently makes him one of the best Twenty2017 cricketers in the world.

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