Be a freelancer, TV jobs and more at home

Sell ​​your services as an independent professional


Freelancing has become a real business on its own and there are many freelance platforms such as Malt and Missioneo. These are specialized in web design projects. You can create projects and then apply directly to companies and individuals for independent assignments.

If you have several years of experience in marketing, management, human resources, or experience in real estate, you can be a consultant. You can also suggest companies take advantage of your expertise and address book during the project. If you have a literary background, you have two options: either choose writing or proofread. You can also be a writer and proofreader to complete studies, training reports, and simple dissertations as well.

On the other hand, if you have a strong writing ability, you can become an entrepreneur who specializes in writing online. So you can offer your services on shopping sites that need product sheets or buying guides. In the same field, mastering a foreign language can lead to work as a translator or online editor for foreigners.

If you want to train to become a freelance professional, I recommend an Ecommerce Academy that offers this type of training.

Telework, a new way

TV work is also a new market for those who want to work from home. What does this profession really consist of, for which a large number of French people are setting up franchising companies abroad? Working at Telelect corresponds to any work performed by an employee who is self-employed or not at home. There are many examples, such as being a freelance remote consultant or remote inspector.

The job of a call center is to market products or services to the general public. You don’t have to invest and you will be affiliated with over 1000 companies.

This type of website is available to anyone with an internet connection. Moreover, remote work is done for everyone, even those who live abroad as long as they master the language. The only limitation is the timeline, because you have to practice at very specific times during which your clients can respond to you. Advice for those on the outside, consider a change in time.


Dropshipping for online trading at home

Dropshipping is a real source of income, and it is a business that you can do from home without having to invest a lot of money. Moreover, it does not require any knowledge like design for example. To do dropshipping, all you have to do is create an online sales page on dedicated platforms and follow the rules. Thus, you can trade online without having a store or physical stock, as you will only be a middleman between the customer and the supplier.

Your job then is to evaluate suppliers from all over the world and extend your cooperation to them. They will send you their catalog for their price and it will be up to you to repost each item at your new price on your dropshipping store. You can change the price without worrying about delivery or potential product return.

Be a YouTube celebrity

Who does not know the young and famous YouTubers Norman and Cebrian. The concept is simple, create a YouTube channel with your email account and follow the instructions. To do this, you do not have to be an IT hype, there are tutorials to help you. To get the most of your money, these tips teach you how to make money from your YouTube videos. However, be warned that the more you watch your video, the more your earnings will be. So be a good seller and cover everything and everything in your videos! Some people make money by laughing at other people’s videos, so why not?

This article allowed us to discuss some of the techniques to follow if you want to work from home. Some examples of this type of activity are offered such as packaging of major branded products to be done by hand or selling training and tutorials. In any case, to work from home, you need to set a goal and create a work environment that is beneficial to you in order to be more efficient and not to confuse professional and private life.


Development and use of social evidence

In his best-selling book on Impact, Robert Cialdini explains that – to determine what is true – people look at what other people think is true. This “social proof” was invented. We see evidence of social evidence around us – from positive online restaurant reviews to the long line of people waiting to join a nightclub.

Social evidence for service companies takes a number of forms: online reviews, guides, case studies, and references. This testing is necessary for service providers because there is no product to be “tested” or “pre-tested”. All you have are results and impressions from your customers.

Case studies

People love stories. In fact, we physically want stories like coffee, chocolate, or shopping. Research by the Center for Neuropsychological Studies found that stories stimulate the release of oxytocin in listeners, making them “more trustworthy, generous, charitable, and more compassionate.”

A case study is simply the success story of a company with a client. Good case studies – like any good story – help marketers promote services. They are also valuable ways to gain trust and demonstrate social evidence during the sale process. In the absence of a product demonstration, utility companies need stories to show how their expertise has created value for the customer.

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