4 eating mistakes harmful to your figure

However, we want to look good, to have as few extra pounds as possible and to feel comfortable in our own skin. Therefore, we turn to the most accessible advice on food preparation and choice. But often, these prove to be myths that contribute negatively to our physical appearance and well-being.

Here are some of the most common eating mistakes that compromise our figure :


We eat too little protein

The old diets focused, in the hope of illusory detoxification, on drastic reduction or even elimination of protein-based products: meat, eggs, dairy. But animal and vegetable proteins have an important role for our body, and in terms of maintaining or reducing weight, they contribute to satiety.


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Studies show that this effect is hormonal, protein consumption helping our brain to secrete hormones of satiety and improve the body’s heat consumption. The latter is a process related to energy consumption. Therefore, by resorting to protein, we become satiated and consume more energy in natural processes of our body.


We eat the same foods

Although they are healthy, we may rely on constant consumption of the same foods. We know that cabbage, salad and chicken breast are really useful in the weight loss diet, so we can get into the habit of including them in our daily meals. Of course, there is nothing harmful in eating healthy food, but indirectly we can get bored. Boredom contributes to the temptation towards other foods, maybe less healthy, but more interesting by the simple fact that they are new.


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Therefore, a suitable solution is to resort to seasonal foods and even to temporarily give up those that we can consume in another season to make room for those that instigate our taste buds and give us novelty.


We eat too few calories

This is probably one of the most tempting and intuitive methods when we want to lose weight. But if we consume too few calories, we will not only endanger our bodies, but we will even compromise our weight loss process. When we do not have enough resources, our body moves in a protective way, anticipating that it no longer receives what is necessary for survival.


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The consequences of this protective mode are represented by the slowing down of the metabolism. As a result, we will not consume the ingested calories at the same rate, which means either we will not lose weight or it will be harder. To find out how many calories to consume as a guide, we can use different specialized computers.


We choose the wrong portions
Another mistake we often make when we want to control our weight is to use overwhelming portions. Obviously we don’t do this with “forbidden” foods, but with the harmless cabbage, lettuce and spinach leaves or the little cherries and cherries that have just appeared.

Indeed, it is not contraindicated to consume them, but what we get, in the long run, is an enlarged stomach. Even if we eat properly, it is essential that our portions get used to the stomach being the village with a smaller amount. Otherwise, we will always have the feeling that we have to fill it and we will end up eating more than we should.


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